Wealth Services for British Expatriates in Singapore

Living in Singapore can provide a unique opportunity to build wealth away from the UK tax net.  Acquiring wealth is an achievement which does not happen by chance.  You will have taken steps to ensure that your income has been carefully planned and managed. This is the same approach we use to structure your investments and maintain the value of your capital. Our work with clients is based on a highly professional ethos – which is recognised through our position as an independent financial adviser.

Over the years we have helped thousands of expatriates in Singapore make the right decisions when it comes to nurturing wealth and preserving capital for future years.  As a result of medical advances, we are living longer. Therefore a strategic financial plan has never been more important. Your personal adviser will work closely with you to understand your investment and asset aims. They will then use this knowledge to help you make the right decisions whilst building some resilience into your plans.

This element of financial planning becomes particularly significant if you have a young family and are building your career in Singapore. Understandably, taking a mid to long-term view on your financial circumstances, and setting up suitable income protection with the right pension provision is imperative.

Schools Fees

Many clients living in Singapore maintain close ties with the UK. This may be because of retained UK property or choosing to educate children in the UK. School fee planning is a notable consideration for expatriates. We we can help advise you about this important investment in your child’s education.

As well as these key areas we will of course work with you closely from an estate planning perspective. This will help ensure that you structure your assets so they are properly set up when you need to pass your wealth on efficiently.

It is important to keep up to date about the factors which influence investment decisions, so we have created a series of articles on the key themes which we believe will play an increasingly important role in the year to come.

To discuss how we can help you with any element of wealth planning please get in touch on +(65) 6225 0825 or info@thefrygroup.sg.

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