UK Tax Planning Services for British Expatriates in Singapore

Minimising the amount of UK tax paid on your income and investments is a key focus when living in Singapore. Your expatriate status provides various options for reducing the UK tax burden. Knowing when and where to use a variety of tools is the key to mitigating UK tax. Our team in Singapore has a wealth of experience to legitimately make the most of your expatriate status.

There are a number of UK taxes which can affect you if you are living and working in Singapore. The changing nature of UK residence rules in recent years has created an uncertain landscape when it comes to tax planning. We can help you negotiate the various allowances and understand if you meet the strict requirements when it comes to non-residence status through the Statutory Residence Test.

We can also take the weight off your shoulders by understanding changes in legislation and emerging opportunities in the financial landscape, and incorporate this knowledge into your UK tax planning.

UK Property

Many British expatriates living in Singapore choose to retain property in the UK whilst living overseas. However, there can be tax implications when letting out a property. Our Singapore team can help explain how to make the most of your arrangements.

If you need to complete an annual UK Tax Return, we can help. We will prepare all documentation, submit the forms on your behalf and ensure subsequent payment or refunds are met. We can also let you know when you are no longer required to complete a Tax Return, or support you if you are the subject of any tax query from HMRC  by handling all of the negotiations on your behalf.

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