Estate Planning for British Expatriates in Singapore

Estate planning tends to be a highly delicate and emotive area. However, once undertaken it can offer a great deal of security and peace of mind – especially if you are living overseas. Our estate planning team in Singapore will work closely with you. We offer personal meetings to discuss all aspects of estate administration and help ensure your wishes are carried out.


The foundation of good estate planning is a tax-efficient UK Will. A will ensures that your intended bequests reach the people you want them to.  We can guide you through the process of creating a UK Will, or help you update an existing one. In doing so, we can help to identify the best way to structure your assets, set up trusts and, crucially, ensure that your estate is passed on correctly. We can also act as your Executor, if needed, to relieve pressure on your family at what can be a very difficult time.

Some people do not realise that Inheritance Tax may apply to your worldwide assets. This is regardless of whether you are living in the UK or in Singapore. There are various allowances available to help British expatriates in Singapore mitigate Inheritance Tax. As a result you can maximise the value of your estate, so it is imperative to consider estate planning even when living abroad.

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

We can also help you with a UK Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) which safeguards you, should you lack the mental capacity at some time in the future to make decisions for yourself. With life expectancies steadily growing each year, coupled with more adventurous lifestyles being pursued, this is an area which is becoming more important. We have significant experience in this sensitive topic and we can also act as your Attorney, if and when needed.

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