David Pugh, our Global Head of Sales and Marketing, explains why client feedback is so important to us.

One of our six company values is to delight our clients. And sometimes getting to grips with finances feels far from a delight! We know that for many the thought of tax planning, considering an investment portfolio or drawing up a Will can be a daunting task. Our aim is to ensure that the process of tackling these important tasks is a positive one – and makes you feel reassured, able to enjoy your life knowing your finances are in good order.

So whilst we sadly can’t control global markets, we can make sure you receive an excellent service when you’re working with us. Over the years good financial planning has moved away from a transactional exchange to more of a long-term approach, in which your adviser properly understands your situation, family circumstances and goals, to create a long-term strategy. So in an age where feedback is almost a pre-requisite to a sale (no doubt we’ve all received the ‘How did you find our service’ email request as soon as we’ve completed the checkout process) what is it about your opinion which matters to The Fry Group?

1. Your experience helps us improve what we do for you and how we do it. It offers an insight into what is working well and if things might have fallen off track.

2. You are likely to have first heard of us through a recommendation – it’s the main way many of our new clients find us. So one thing many of our offices do is annually ask clients a single question: How likely are you to recommend us to a friend? The score is based on a 0–10 point rating scale, with 0 representing extremely negative and 10 representing extremely positive. This approach is simple and universal, and allows us to measure how we’re doing over a period of time.

3. Listening helps us create a lasting relationship with you. Many of our clients – and staff – work with us over the years and so supporting and preserving this important relationship is something we nurture.

4. Feedback is a reliable source of information for new clients. In these changing times, and with social media ever more prevalent, we all are more wary of adverts or ‘expert’ advice. Opinions from other clients hold true – they are impartial and honest.

5. In a competitive (and highly regulated) sector such as financial services your feedback helps us make informed decisions. For us there is no place for loose guesses. We use feedback to plan events, understand what you want to hear more about and avoid unnecessary ‘noise’.

For as long as we have been in business we’ve known that it’s important to listen and learn. As a firm, one of our core aims is to develop professionalism and champion transparent, high-quality financial advice.

To help we work with Working Feedback, a professional services feedback tool, to seek your opinions on a regular basis. If you receive a feedback request please rest assured your response matters to us.

David Pugh, Global Head of Sales and Marketing

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