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In 2011 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our permanent office in Singapore. Therefore we thought it was high time that we put something back into the community. So, we’ll donate at least S$150 to charity, for all new investment accounts opened with The Fry Group Singapore.

In recognition of our work with the British Association of Singapore, we are happy to support their designated charities as follows:


A charity run by a man called Richard Lim. The charity supports poor families in Singapore who don’t have any other source of income. This can be for a variety of reasons. One of the most common is that they have no Singapore nationality and therefore no right to funds here. Richard Lim runs the organisation with the minimum of overheads – eg no office. The charity seems very well run and Richard dedicates many hours to his work on a voluntary basis.


A Salvation army children’s home for boys and girls from 8-18 (mostly older) The children come from abused homes and there are two separate wings in the building – one for abused children and the other for ‘children beyond parental control’. The home is well set up with hobby rooms, kitchens and sports facilities, but it often needs volunteers to come in and assist with activities – eg they were looking for men who could help with sport when BA visited last year. They mentioned that they are looking for funds to improve the facilities in the building ‘beyond parental control’


A smaller Salvation Army children’s home for slightly younger children – again they are from abusive homes, foster homes which have broken down etc. They have used BA volunteers for things like developing reading skills with individual children. They will put funds towards specific projects – eg holiday outings etc. Volunteers are also needed to read and play with the charming and endlessly grateful children in the afternoons after school.


This is a hospice for the terminally ill and people with cancer, offering palliative care programme for children and adults. When BA visited, they were looking for funds towards a new building which is urgently required as current premises are dark and cramped. Volunteers are also needed to work with the inpatients in the day centre or the children’s centre to help with study, cooking, reading, arts and crafts. They also require anyone skilled in massage or other therapies.


This is run by the Singapore Anglicans and was previously called St Georges. It is a women’s refuge and caters for abused women and their children, sometimes with very large families. It also caters for a few single foreign women who find themselves stranded in Singapore with no funds or visa. The centre is large and modern and runs a very good children’s day care centre, where some education is also provided. They were asking the BA for funds to put towards travel expenses to help the women back into employment when they visited. This is an issue as the centre is some way out of the city centre. Volunteers are needed for reading with young children whose education has been interrupted.

If you would like to know more about volunteering or would like to be introduced to any current BA volunteers, please contact the British Association : Jane Barrett (

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