Transferring Money Overseas

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With many clients based in Singapore and other overseas territories, The Fry Group is frequently asked about how best to transfer money internationally. Whether you are purchasing property, moving overseas, transferring your salary or pension or sending funds to a family member abroad, it is prudent to properly understand the best, and most economical way, to transfer funds.

When seeking a preferential transfer rate the high street banks are usually not the most competitive point of call.

The Fry Group works with Smart Currency Exchange to provide clients with access to preferential exchange rates and a service that saves time and money on bank to bank currency transactions. The service aims to be approximately 3% cheaper than using a high street bank. Importantly, all Smart Currency Exchange clients are allocated a dedicated member of staff to handle transactions, meaning the need to deal with an impersonal call centre is removed.

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The Fry Group will receive 25% of the ‘turn’ that Smart Currency earn if you trade through them via this introduction.  By proceeding through The Fry Group you agree to us receiving this fee.  The fees we receive do not affect the rates or services that you obtain from Smart Currency.

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